Video: inside Mama Afrika’s Kulcha Shap

Meet manager Omowale Kwaw – from an outlet which has stood on Leyton High Road for nearly 20 years

You have probably walked past the Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap on Leyton High Road many times, but have you been in? And, furthermore, did you know about the Sunday market?

Bright exterior: Mama Kulcha. Photo: Stephen Emms
Bright exterior: Mama Kulcha. Photo: Stephen Emms

Firstly, it’s one of the longer-running shops in the area. Founded in 1996 by the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist movement, Mama Afrika was set up to promote African culture by selling designer wear, books, paintings, prints, postcards, beauty products and jewellery.

“The objective is to educate our community about the beauty of our culture,” says manager Omowale Kwaw, in the above short film. “What we want to instil in our people is to invest in themselves and their community, and in creativity.”


With that in mind, the team host a range of events and classes such as Imani-Day (Saturday) School and a market called Kulcha Village on Sundays to help people who have “beautiful products to sell,” he says, but no permanent shop.

So why not watch the video – which showcases a range of their products as well as the interview with Omowale Kwaw – and then pop by to get details on what’s coming up next?

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Find Mama Afrika at 282 High Road E10 5PW. Follow them on Facebook for updates on events and classes, or call 020 8539 2154
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