Why We Love: #3, Horizon Patisserie

Leytonstone’s long-standing cake and coffee stop is a firm favourite. Here’s why

Naughty nibbles: Horizon's cakes Photo: Tom Kihl
Naughty nibbles. Photo: Tom Kihl
For almost eight years its geometrically eye-catching cakes and viennoiserie-style pastries have enticed locals to venture inside, or even better, pull up an al fresco chair if there’s a spot going in the sunshine out front.

Horizon is a bona fide all-day institution, its freshly-baked treats and convivial vibe ensuring a stream of regulars. Part laid-back east London hangout, part Mediterranean cafe, part New York style deli, with its attractive, pendulous lights and vast glass counters, the look makes for a bustling cosmopolitan space.

Corner spot: Horizon is right opposite the Red Lion. Photo: SE
Corner spot: Horizon is right opposite the Red Lion. Photo: SE
Despite the Lavazza crockery, the Algerian owners have long moved on to serving the less well known Biscardi beans from Naples. The Brooklyn blend features 50% robusta for a bitter-strong cup with an extra frothy dark crema.

We’re prone to enjoying their signature nibbles (pictured) with our americanos, too: particularly irresistible is a just-out-of-the-oven almond ball, with a nicely gooey marzipan centre and retro cherry on top, and a syrupy-sweet delicate filo parcel, its outer crunch contrasting nicely with the soft pistachio cake filling.


With a decent range of lunches behind the counter, and a cute mezzanine level to escape to if there’s a bit too much of a social buzz around the big screen TV downstairs, most locals – like our recent interviewee, Russell Frost from Hookpress – can enjoy Horizon on their own terms.

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Find Horizon Patisserie at 809 High Road, E11. Open 7am – 8pm daily
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