Good Pubs on the Goblin: #3, The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill

In the third in our series on boozers along the Gospel Oak-Barking line we take shelter in a former “creamery”

Cavernous interio: The Old Dairy - empty on a Saturday lunchtime. Photo: SE
Cavernous interio: The Old Dairy – empty on a Saturday lunchtime. Photo: SE
Unlike the first two instalments in this series, we admit we’re on shakier ground as the ‘Goblin’ pulls into Crouch Hill. It’s a lovely, leafy area, that’s for sure, but not somewhere we “know” that well.

Having said that, you could spend a pleasant-enough Sunday wandering up to nearby Crouch End, with its smart, clean shopping parade and clutch of cooler joints on Park Road (we particularly like the canine-friendly counter-dining at Heirloom).

But we digress. In fact we digress quite a long way. Because this series is all about watering holes within a bottle’s chuck of the useful Orange line.

Exterior with wall murals to the right. Photo: SE
Exterior with wall murals to the right. Photo: SE
There’s a clutch of joints you could consider alighting on the platform – I mean, the Stapleton Tavern is perfectly nice and directly opposite – but the the Old Dairy is something a little more special. And it’s owned by the same people who run two decent boozers in Kentish Town that we frequent – The Vine and The Oxford.


As you’d expect, the building once did what it’s name suggests: it was an, er, functioning creamery, and those activities of yore are commemorated in the “milking” murals on the outside walls.

Inside, meanwhile, it’s pretty damn spacious hangar, as you’d expect a Grade ІІ-listed building of this nature to be. Exposed brick walls, a barn-like main bar, and a more contemporary restaurant and private dining room all compete for punters’ tired arses.

A decent plate of food for lunch (in this case chicken). Photo: SE
A decent plate of food for lunch (in this case chicken). Photo: SE
We’ve only eaten Saturday lunch here, I admit, which was a low-key, typically gastropub affair, with mains around £10-15 – you know, lamb rump, smoked haddock, chicken thighs, that kind of thing – and a laidback north London crowd. Oh, and plenty of kiddies pulling apart fish finger sandwiches and scattering the contents on the floor.

We guzzled a hearty house red – it was a chilly day – but craft beer fans will make a beeline for the 5 cask conditioned real ales, or bottles, cans and draft from 20 different breweries. There are more than enough options for a skinful anyway, before you stagger the few steps back to the station for the short hop home.

Next time: Things hotten up as we hit Harringay Green Lanes.

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Find The Old Dairy at 1-3 Crouch Hill, Crouch Hill, N4 4AP
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  • Theresa Lowe

    Big fan of both the Southampton Arms and the old dairy despite the fact that in the SA a very drunk old man tried to give me a table dance. (Am ex Kentish Town now relocated to Leyton).

  • graham_hitchen

    kentishtowner HeirloomN8 Stapleton Tavern across the road is good too.

  • kentishtowner

    graham_hitchen HeirloomN8 Yes. As we say in the piece.

  • Ceri Wilkinson

    Harvey Griffiths, was it The Old Dairy that you said went through a cycle of being closed down, revamped, reopened and then closed down again every few years?

  • Harvey Griffiths

    The Old Dairy is where Owen works. He used to be at the Stapleton, which used to change name every two years or so.

  • Caroline Hanks

    I used to live round the corner form these pubs before I moved to E11 with my other half -was roudnd that stomping ground yesterday -Jay Hoonjan this may interest you x

  • HendoLondon

    Leytonstoner next stop has to be TheSalisburyPub on Green Lanes – great beer choice, with a quick snack in Antepliler en-route!