MUST DO: Backstage Bar at Signature Brew

The brewery trialled their bar in the summer. And the good news is it's now back for the festive period
Brand new: Leyton's new tap room is now open every Sat until Xmas. Photo: Signature Brew
Brand new: Leyton’s new tap room is now open every Sat until Xmas. Photo: Signature Brew

After a fair few events over the summer, those wise boys at Leyton’s new brewery have finally decided to finally re-open their Backstage bar for real. Every Saturday, until Xmas, they’ll be pouring their beer, as fresh as you like, all day. Yay.

Not heard of Signature Brewery? Well, they’re a trio of musicians-turned-brewers who’ve somehow turned an experiment into a thriving start-up. “It started as a crusade against the monotonous beer at all the gigs we had played,” says one-third Dave.

Dave, Tom & Sam from Signature. Photo: SB
Dave, Tom & Sam from Signature. Photo: SB

“When the music on stage was a labour of love and art, we didn’t want to enjoy it with uninspiring and insipid lagers. So in 2011 we began trying to change this. We spoke to a few bands we knew to see if they’d be interested in brewing with us (they were), and then set about taking our home-brewing to a commercial level.”

Sounds so easy, eh? And now, four years later, with the new E10 brewery at the Leyton Business Centre complete and operational, it’s no longer, erm, small beer.


Still not sure where to start with your craft beer? We can particularly recommend their easy-going Signature Pale or the (bit stronger) IPA. You might even want to try their “black vinyl” stout.

“Come down to the brewery, and have your pick of beers on tap, including some of our most recent collaborations and creations,” says Dave. “We’ll also have a full stocked bar, including cocktails and shorts from the lovely people at House of Carouse.”

Oh, and to soak up all that juice don’t forget delectable patties are on hand courtesy of ace local streetfood heroes We Serve Humans.

In short? Backstage passes at the ready.

The Backstage bar is open from 12 noon to 8pm weekly on Saturdays. Signature Brew, Unit 25, Leyton Business Centre, E10. Follow them on @signaturebrew.

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