So when will the Lord Rookwood be open?

Antic London have snapped up the historic E11 boozer. But thirsty readers will have to wait a bit longer

Handsome bugger: the Lord Rockwood. Photo:Twitter
Handsome bugger: the Lord Rookwood. Photo:Twitter
Excited about the news that the Lord Rookwood is set to reopen under the all-conquering Antic banner? Well, it beats a block of flats, doesn’t it?

The pub, out near Wanstead Flats on Cann Hall Rd, was built in 1896 and, before its closure in 2013, had quite a local reputation for hosting live music, most notably weekly gigs by the East Side Jazz Club.

Campaigning to save the pub. Photo: Twitter
Campaigning to save the pub. Photo: Twitter
For readers unaware of who Antic are, the pub group started out at the helm of the Dogstar in Brixton before tearing across south and east London snapping up boozers from Peckham to Clapton. They’ve already got two in the neighbourhood – you’ll be more than familiar, of course, with community stalwarts the Red Lion and Leyton Technical.

However, despite their Twitter announcement last week, saying the building will be “nurtured to former glory”, closer questioning reveals they haven’t quite bought the gaff yet. “We’re hoping to complete purchase around April,” says PR rep Loredana Campisi, “and then we’ll be looking forward to submitting final plans and progressing then”.


Fair enough. But don’t expect the unveiling in the near future. “This one’s going to take time – but rest assured we’ll take care of it,” they say.

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Keep up to date on all things Lord Rookwood by following @antic_london on twitter. It can be found at 314 Cann Hall Rd E11
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  • Katharine Rees

    Glad they’ve bought it. It would be a shame to lose another pub in the area and their model seems to work.

  • Kate_in_E11

    teninchwheels Leytonstoner I’m going to trust them to deliver, despite the worrying rumours.

  • teninchwheels

    Kate_in_E11 Leytonstoner on balance – me too.

  • theprowlerwonPR

    Leytonstoner I think it’s Lord Rookwood Pub LordRookwoodPub

  • Michael Brown

    More beardy hipsters

  • Steffi Hoenig

    Chris Ginger Timmins project?

  • Leytonstoner

    Obviously that reads Lord Rookwood on the actual feature *longweek*