Film-makers! Hitchcock’s Home needs you

The three-day festival returns to E11 this summer. And here’s how you can get involved

Hitchcock needs your help this year....
Hitchcock needs your help this year….
It was a big hit last summer and the good news is it returns this July to St John’s Church in Leytonstone. Once again there’s a Hitch thriller lined up each evening as well as streetfood, artisan drinks and other cinema treats. Yay.

But this year the organisers are keen to get talented local film-makers on board too. Basically, they’re looking for interesting shorts to show pre-film (5 mins or so each).

Shown last year: a classic Hitch. Photo: CC
Shown last year: a classic Hitch. Photo: CC
So if you’re a bit of a creative, or have produced something on a Leyton/Leytonstone theme – or anything a bit, well, Hitch, really – they’d love to hear from you. It’ll be exposure to over 900 people too, which once they’ve all shared it on social media, could be the start of summat. Well, you never know.

If that’s not you, the event also needs volunteers to help out in all sorts of ways from fetching and carrying to clearing up. Although you won’t get paid, it does mean enjoying it all for nada, plus free food, drink and a t-shirt.


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Hitchcock’s Home returns 14th, 15th and 16th July. Interested? Email: or follow @Hitchcockshome on Twitter for more info.
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    Leytonstoner thanks for the #shoutout film shorts in already! Volunteers/artists/other ideas encouraged… Promise it will be fun…