What on earth is Mermaid Toast?

And why are hundreds of free slices up for grabs in East Village this weekend?

500 free slices of the food/art hybrid are being dished up in East Village. Photo: PR
Calling all mermaid-loving, unicorn believing insta-trend junkies – and all the rest of us who have no idea what any of that means – we have big news.

Drum roll please… Mermaid toast is here. Yes, Miss Trixie, a food stylist who counts Kim Kardashian in her fan base, is bringing her Insta-craze to east London on Sunday. Mermaid Toast is a very American export – it would seem that anything is a good distraction from Donald Trump – which attempts to bridge the gap between food and art.

The much sought-after Ariel. Photo: PR
The East Village Market will play host to a free giveaway of 500 slices of multi-coloured dyed and embellish crushed avocados on toast because, as the old fable goes, life is too short for green avocado on boring old bread.

Designs include the popular Ariel, a pastel strawberry and mint concoction, and the Ursula a moody, dark ocean scene complete with blackberries and Nutella Oreo Yoghurt in honour of Ariel’s nemesis.


The Ursula. Delicious. Photo: PR
Wanna grab a slice of the action? We suggest you turn up early: doors open at 11am and the vibrant slices of aquatic life will go on a first-come first-serve basis.

There will also be burgers and chicken from Lord of the Wings and alpine food from Raclette Brothers. If you can prize yourself away from all the giddy screeching and frantic hashtaging, that is.

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East Village Market is at 20 Victory Parade, E20 1DA. Follow on Twitter for more info @EastVillage_MKT
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