The latest Leyton brewery and tap room is Magic Spells

It’s the third to open in E10 in the last couple of years. Here’s what to drink – and when to visit

New kid on the block: tap room, bottle shop, brewery. Photo: Twitter
Not bored of small London breweries yet? No, neither are we. And the latest to lay roots round these parts is Magic Spells.

Founded three years ago in Epping by Jas Hare, an Eastender born and bred, the set-up has this year relocated to the slightly less leafy E10. It currently produces three bottled beers, joining the excellent Signature Brew and teetotals’ fave Nirvana in what’s now a real postcode-intensive thing.

The brewery sources most of the malt used in its beers from the UK, plus British hops boosted by those from New Zealand and America. It’ll shortly be even using its own local water sourced via its own bore hole. Wowsers.

The three Magic Spells beers. Photo: PR
And – breaking news – what we’ve tried so far is damn good. The fairly dry Hackney Hare Pale Ale (4.2%) has a light citrus flavour with just a hint of grapefruit, while the Craft Lager (also 4.2%) is clean and fresh, with a detectable sweetness.


But our favourite? Why, an Indian Pale Ale (5.5% ABV), another one of those blood-orange flavoured punchy IPAs (not quite as ferocious as Beavertown’s Bloody Ell) that’s seriously potent, yet nonetheless well-balanced.

In case you haven’t been yet, there’s also a tap room, tucked away at the back of Rigg Approach, with a vast sunlit courtyard for summer boozing, and array of events over the season from DJs to Classic Car Meets (next up is a big old bash this Sunday, 30th July).

Finally, a handy bottle shop is open daily (Tues-Sun) and stocked fully with spirits, bottles, cans, wines and ciders as well occasional guest beers.

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The Magic Spells brewery can be found at 24 Rigg Approach, Leyton, E10 7QN. More info on opening times and events here. You can buy the beers online here.
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