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Want to know how to eat your Christmas tree?

Then get stuck into these supperclubs where diners chow down on pine, spruce and juniper

Julia Georgallis is a baker who runs a project called The Bread Companion, a “nomadic microbakery” that travels around teaching people about food through workshops and supper clubs.

But more interesting (and, let’s face it, zeitgeisty) is that, every winter for the last few years, she’s been running a supper club series called How To Eat Your Christmas Tree.

Wacky huh? Well, maybe not so much as it sounds. It is, in fact, a four-course coniferous feast where diners are invited to try eating evergreens such as pine, spruce, fir and olive and juniper.

Why? Well, it’s nothing more than a bid to encourage people not to chuck away their Christmas trees come January. “Why not try eating them instead as a way of recycling them?” she says. Why not indeed?


Douglas fir membrillo, cheese and homemade oatcakes. Photo: PR

With that in mind the conifers are showcased in a “multitude of exciting and unusual ways” that compliment more celebrated ingredients and flavours.

Better still, this year she’s running it at Host of Leyton which, as we all know, is just opposite Midland Road Station – so super-easy to get to whichever part of the wider neighbourhood you choose to lay your hat (other evenings take place in Highgate, so tell your north London pals).

And money from ticket sales also goes directly to “replanting trees and gardening projects in the capital”, she says. Firbulous.

The dinners are on the 28th, 29th December in Highgate (at a secret location) and then again on the 4th, 5th and 6th January in Leyton. More info and tickets (£40) here

Main image: Bread Companion

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