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Filly Brook announce new Sho Foo Doh Japanese kitchen residency

With the crowdfunder target smashed, and new garden a reality, next up is the small matter of eating

Lots more exciting Filly Brook news this week. First up, thanks to you lot, they did it. Like neighbouring Solvay Society before them, now launching a brew pub in the arches, Filly Brook smashed their crowdfunding target last week too.

With outdoor areas open from April 12th, owner Simon Purnell launched a Pay-It-Forward campaign to ask for readers’ help to transform their outside space from its current blank canvas “into a green oasis for you all to enjoy through the spring, summer and winter months.”

And with that goal now 100% met, today he announces Filly Brook’s first kitchen residency. “Our friend Fumio Tanga will be taking over the kitchen cooking his Sho Foo Doh Japanese food,” he says.

“Inspired by the casual izakaya bars and drinking food culture of Japan, Sho Foo Doh blends a variety of small plates, bowls of rice, snacks and (un)classics.”


‘Unclassics’, for the uninitiated, are things like sesame-crusted cauliflower, vegan gyoza and fried sardine sandwiches. Meanwhile, a menu highlight – and, in fact, its centrepiece – will be okonomiyaki, a savoury pancake streetfood dish.

“It’s available all over Japan, with many different variations, says Simon, “but particularly popular in Hiroshima where Fumio is from.” And expect it to be piled high with all manner of toppings, from noodles and cabbage to seaweed flakes, shavings of dried, smoked tuna, tangy brown sauce and Japanese mayo. Mouth watering yet?

The good news is @shofoodoh will start in April, with menu and booking info to follow soon. In the meantime, you can read more about the plans for their dream beer garden, in our original feature, here.

Find Filly Brook from April 12th at 392 Grove Green Rd, Leytonstone, London E11 4AP

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