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Dreamhouse Records Leyton: vinyl store with coffee and pastries

Hidden behind East London's cutest clapboard building will soon be a record shop - with refreshments, events and more

No doubt the first time you spotted this unique historic shack, whether as the recent Curved Brick cafe or as Billy’s Carpets  – you did a double take. After all, it’s so unexpected to see a building in E10 that’s a cross between a New England-style weatherboard house and a Wild West saloon.

It’s currently a furniture shop, and directly behind is Cobbler’s Yard, where Curved Brick’s former roastery was located. Here is where the new Dreamhouse Records will open.

It’s the project of musician and DJ Jon Clifford, who’s been living in Leyton for six years, and played bass guitar and double bass in several bands, as well as DJing. He worked in live music promotion until the pandemic hit. And when Curved Brick closed up a year ago, and owner Marsha moved on, he knew its tucked-away roastery was the perfect location for his fledgling venture.

“The shop will sell new records whilst I get started,” he says, “and stock a mix of new releases, back catalogue and reissues, but I haven’t ruled out second-hand in the future. The best thing about running a record shop is filling it with stuff you love, and my tastes are pretty broad.”


And he can also order anything you lot fancy, too. “As well as reflecting what I’m into, I’ll be able to order in records on request; I’m really keen to learn about the customers’ taste,” he says.

Former fans of Curved Brick won’t be disappointed. “I’ll be serving filter and iced coffee from Good Folk in honour of our shop’s former life as Marsha’s coffee roastery, and savoury and sweet buns from Sunday Bun Day.”

Yum. Jon also has big plans for the future which include “booze and events, and hopefully some collabs with other local businesses.” For the moment, he says, he’ll be keeping it simple while there are still restrictions in place, but the aim is to make it “a place for everyone to enjoy and hang out.” Hear hear.

Dreamhouse Records London opens mid-April at Cobblers Yard, 447A High Road Leyton, E10 follow @dreamhouseldn for the latest.

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