Opening April: Little Saigon, Leytonstone

Authentic Vietnamese homemade food is about to hit the top of the High Road. Meet its owners

Robert Pham:
Robert Pham: ‘Opening a restaurant has always been a dream.’ Photo: RP
Here’s one to look forward to. You know the rather forlorn premises that used to be Chopsticks Chinese restaurant? Well, it’s in the throes of being transformed into something, well, a little more exciting.

Little Saigon is the project of Robert Pham and his family. “Our focus will be on authentic homemade Vietnamese food,” he says. “We want to bring a rich and deep flavour experience to fellow Leytonstoners. The menu will include all your well known favourites, such as beef pho, crispy pancakes and summer rolls; and I’m also looking into bakeries so we can get banh mi [the classic Vietnamese baguette] on too.”

Yum. And how will it look? “The interior will be a surprise,” he says, with a smile, “but hopefully it’ll be well received. All I can say is I’m exposing some of the more raw features of the premises.” And, as he’s working with renowned Kentish Town design studio Avocado Sweets, the folk behind Poppies, Barrio and other stylish London bars and restaurants, it should all look pretty impressive.

Tired: the exterior as it is now. Photo: SE
Tired: the exterior as it is now. Photo: SE

Robert’s dad came over to the UK in the early 1980s after the Vietnam war. “My mum and older sister joined him shortly after, and I was born in Hackney, but raised in Walthamstow for much of my life. Our family have worked in Leytonstone, in the nails industry, for 15 years.”


So why a restaurant now? “It’s always been a dream for my mum,” he says simply. “And I’m very happy now to be able to help her realise it.”

The Phams hope to open in late April, so we’ll keep you posted on their progress. “We simply want locals and everyone in neighbouring boroughs to enjoy Mum’s cooking, as much as our family and friends have,” says Robert. “In short, we can’t wait.”

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Little Saigon will be located at 686 High Road, Leytonstone, E11 3AA

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  • Kate Perry

    This sounds delicious!

  • Paul Bridgeman

    Lol….yer I am your right….plus I’m seeing a northern bird…haha…deffo haven’t seen you guts for ages ….hope your all well…xx

  • Paul Bridgeman

    Guys ! Even….

  • Gillian Perry

    Wow lovely ,you know how we love Vietnamese.!

  • Ceri Wilkinson

    Oooh, great! I love Vietnamese food. Can’t wait!

  • Dushana Pinfield

    Sounds fab. Can’t wait

  • Josie

    The Phams are so lovely, I cannot wait to see the restaurant, especially after hearing the passion they have for the place and smelling the food they torment you with, when in their Classique salon. We need more family run restaurants, with food cooked from the heart, like Panda.

    I am already working on the Phams for an invite to opening night!

  • catmelonhead

    SO exciting! Can’t wait. LOVING this blog.

  • DarianE11

    We moved to Leytonstone last year and we still lament leaving our local Vietnamese behind… I am really excited about this place opening!!

  • KG11

    My family and I went into little Saigon restaurant today 10/5/2015.(10%discount today)
    When we first came into the restaurant it took the staff fifteen minutes to take are order.
    When are food came it was not cooked properly especially are starters .
    Our drinks came half way through are meal,The customer service was terrible.
    I personally will not go through that again.
    I would rate this restaurant 0/10 and they can keep their 10% discount.

  • SirDeclan Duggan

    Louise Devereux maybe we should try this in the new year?