Hip streetfood vendors Deeney’s to take over Petite Robe Rose

Another day, another new opening in the neighbourhood. And this one’s a biggie

You've probably seen Deeney's on Broadway Market or Chatsworth Road. Photo: Twitter
You’ve probably seen Deeney’s on Broadway Market or Chatsworth Road. Photo: Twitter
Like many, we were sad to see the Petite Robe Rose close its doors recently. But the good news is that this month, Scots streetfood favourite Deeney’s is taking over the spot.

Having built up a cult following for their Macbeth haggis toastie, Deeney’s is now a mainstay on London’s most famous food markets – oh, you know, only ones like Broadway and Chatsworth Road in particular.

Taking on a permanent café of their own has, we hear, been a dream of owner Carol Deeney’s since working at her mother’s cafe in Scotland as a teenager.

OMG. Now that's a toastie: the Macbeth. Photo: James Byrne
OMG. Now that’s a toastie: the Macbeth. Photo: James Byrne

“I’d always wanted to open Deeney’s as a cafe, but hadn’t really found the right location or premises. Myself and my partner Patrick moved to Leyton last September and then a customer told me about the opportunity to take over the La Petite Robe Rose shop. It was a perfect fit.”


The 20-seater café will serve the award-winning (not to mention kilt-tightening) Macbeth haggis toastie, alongside other Scottish-influenced cakes, salads and brunch items. The Scottish smoked salmon with scrambled egg on a tattie scone in particular sounds the bomb.

The enterprising pair are hoping to target locals in need of speciality coffee (Allpress, since you ask) too, with a shiny new La Marzocco machine perched on top of the handmade and custom designed coffee bar.

“As we have a good following from our streetfood business we’re also hoping to draw our existing east London customers to the Leyton area,” chirrups Carol.

Damn right.

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Deeney’s Café will be located at 330 Leyton High Road, E10 5PW. Open Tuesday – Sunday 8am-5pm. Launch date is mid-October. Follow them on @deeneys
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