Taco Dave is coming to get you

Another imaginative local hook-up hits E11

Taco Dave: expect tacos, buttermilk chicken and more. Photo: Taco Dave
Taco Dave: expect tacos, buttermilk chicken and more. Photo: Taco Dave
There was much excitement in these pages about our recent Stone & Crow story: you know, the vintage and design shop with in-house barista who curates beans from all over the world.

Anyway, this weekend, there’s a bit of an event happening: as well as gallons of New Zealand coffee being dished up courtesy of Cameron McClure (ex Flatwhite Café Soho) and Richie Russell (ex Monmouth Coffee), there’s top street food by newcomer Taco Dave.

Taking a career break: Taco Dave. Photo: TD
Taking a career break: Taco Dave. Photo: TD
A Leytonstone resident who rightly believes that the area is “sorely missing the incredibly fresh flavours of Mexico”, Dave is bringing a mix of traditional recipes alongside some modern twists. Think crispy, juicy pork carnitas served with chipotle mayo and charred pico de gallo; or buttermilk fried chicken with sirriacha crème. Plus there are brunch tacos served with black beans, homefries, egg and chorizo – with haloumi for the veggies.

Who the devil is the mysterious TD? Well, David Sabbarton moved to Leytonstone last April and is in the middle of taking a career break to renovate the house that he and his wife purchased. “A recent trip to Central America for a friend’s wedding cemented the idea that a modern take on Mexican street food would be a positive addition to the area’s food scene,” he says. And after months of practice and test-runs on friends and family, a menu was decided upon.


And guess what? It’s running for one weekend only. So we reckon it’s worth supporting another local resident who’s following his foodie dream. While perusing the furniture of course, too.

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Taco Dave at Stone & Crow takes place Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th Nov. 590 High Rd Leytonstone E11. Open Friday & Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 10am-5pm
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  • SirDeclan Duggan

    Louise Devereux this could be worth checking out 🙂

  • Michael Sanders

    [debates putting Mexican street food residency on the back burner for now]
    Sounds great though. Looking forward to it.

  • Elizabeth Benjamin

    Gah! Im away otherwise I’d be THERE. Good luck Taco Dave/ please come again!