Tenner or Less: Blood orange, carrot & almond tart, Wild Goose Bakery

Still one of the best options for a hot brew and something sweet – as long as don’t want peace and quiet

wild goose bakery blood orange and almond tart on a plate

What: Blood orange, almond and carrot tart (£3). It’s a perfect combination of seasonal, sharp sweet and earthy. Mighty crumbly though, so use a fork. And sit near the table, otherwise it’ll go everywhere. We matched it with a ‘blooming marvellous’ green tea, the brew yielding just a hint of rosehip, all served on granny’s crockery.

Where: Wild Goose Bakery, purveyors of all those chewy, crunchy, sweet goods that wink at us every time we pop by for a coffee. I mean, where else?

Why: It’s E11’s pioneering artisan bakery. But you know that. Shabby secondhand furniture, makeshift tables and rotating exhibitions on the walls. Tick, tick, tick.

Notes: if you go at peak-afternoon, say 4pm to 5pm, as might be imagined the perfect time for something sugary to pep you up until dinner, be prepared for something of a crumb-and-drink splattered crèche. On our recent visit young mums bounced tiny infants up and down, an entire family occupied a sofa while dad boomingly read a story out loud, and other kids rushed around shrieking, no doubt fuelled by organic cola. The handful of solo grown-ups grinned and bore it in front of laptops and other devices; thank goodness for the soothing soundtrack of soft tinkling jazz.


Don’t: forget they donate at least 10% if profits to local good causes. And don’t try and concentrate on anything too cerebral. This is an eating place – and definitely not a co-working space.

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Wild Goose Bakery, open 8.30am to 6pm, 654 High Rd Leytonstone, E11 3AA
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