Work from home…at the Heathcote & Star

The Leytonstone landmark pub have a great-value daytime offer perfect for freelancers and home-workers

To be honest, we are simply all over the way local businesses have fought to reinvent themselves over the bleakest year of business in a decade.

There’s the restaurants that have become grocery stores, the cafes doing evening service and all manner of pop-ups and home-delivery going on. It’s a busy local scene.

So it makes sense that now the area’s pubs – once either closed or extremely sleepy during the day – are getting in on the act. With the current 10pm curfew, of course they can’t afford not to.

Lots of space to work socially distanced. Photo: PR

Anyway one of the most spacious – and therefore best for these socially distanced times – is of course E11 super-pub the Heathcote & Star.


Even pre-Covid, we’d been known to slope off with a laptop at midday on Friday (it was closed the other weekdays) and munch a burger while editing a feature or two.

And this week the owners have made it A Thing: they want you lot to treat it like an office without having to set foot on the stinky old Central Line.

With that in mind they’re offering Wifi, coffee, cake, beer and – oh my – the delectable Krapow (read our recent 5 Things You Must Eat here) to locals going stir crazy from staring at spreadsheets by the kitchen shelf. Yep, that’s us – although maybe not the spreadsheets bit.

Krapow at the Heathcote. Photo: Instagram

To tempt you through the doors, laptop in hand, the pub’s shiny new lunch time offer is this: a Krapow Burger, fries and pint of Camden Hells for £12 or with a soft drink/Perky Blinders coffee for £11. Not bad, huh? And you can stay as long as you like, of course.

They’d also like to point out that if people want to come and use us as an office space – buying a drink, of course – they’re more than welcome. So it’s win-win all round, Leytonstoners. Just go easy on the booze if you’ve got a pesky deadline to meet.

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The Heathcote & Star is open daily from 12midday to 10pm, 344 Grove Green Rd, Leytonstone, London E11 4EA, more info here
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