Frank Ison Space, Walthamstow: check out Little Domestic Architectures

Weekend walk inspo to make you look at your domestic arrangements with fresh eyes

Need a handy #dailywalk idea this weekend? The Frank Ison Space in Walthamstow Village is welcoming a new project to its windows, the latest in the gallery’s lockdown-friendly exhibitions.

Little Domestic Architectures is a charming collection of photos that began to accumulate in Lockdown 1.0 last year, at first solely from the project’s creators, but expanding to include contributors from all over the world.

Fabio Cappello and Marta Marotta, both architects by trade, use regular household objects and transform them into microcosmal worlds, with each one beautifully photographed and documented on their Instagram page.

Frank Ison
Picturesque: Frank Ison. Photos: SE

As the project began to grow a following online, the two opened up submissions and invited others to create their own “little domestic architectures”.


In response, over one hundred images were shared from across the globe and exhibited on the page, each “reimagining the inside” in a different way.

The exhibition at the Frank Ison Space brings these images from over ten countries into a shared physical space, compressing the geographical distance between each image into neatly organised lines.

Frank Ison
Window detail, Little Domestic Architectures. Photo: SE

The Polaroid-size photos (above) are displayed across three large boards, each like a tiny window into another world.

The artists have all used a range of items to construct their scenes – pens, plant pots and (perhaps most appropriately) toilet paper rolls all star in the exhibition, sometimes not instantly recognisable until you’ve got your nose pressed up against the glass.

With the weather (finally!) warming up, heading into the outside world is a far more appealing prospect. This exhibition is therefore something of a must-see on your daily walk: take a stroll down to the village, and maybe even get inspired to create your own household object landscape. You could find a whole new world right there in your kitchen.

Follow @frankisonspace and @littledomesticarchitectures on Instagram for more details.

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