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Central Estates open in E11: enjoy our six new Area Guides

We've produced 6 detailed neighbourhood guides to mark their new Leytonstone branch

Central Estates are one of the longest running independent estate agencies in the area – but they only set up shop in Leytonstone this year.  You might have walked past their stylish signage on Church Lane (pictured above) – and an interior that looks more coffee shop or gallery than estate agency.

As a company they’re celebrating a whopping 30 years of being in Waltham Forest. “We’ve been in the wider area of E17 since 1992,” says director Neil Ewen. “It’s fair to say we know it like no-one else, so can help clients understand what it’s actually like to live here: the schools, the coffee shops, the pubs, the bus routes, you name it.”

“Walthamstow was very different 30 years ago,” adds founder Dean McGowan. “I had worked for the most successful estate agencies in the area, and found that I achieved the best prices and always sold double or more than my colleagues. So I decided to do it for myself and started Central.”

Chic: the new Central. Photo: PR

The team are excited that the new branch has now opened at 48 Church Lane. “In 2017 we invested in updating our brand and image with an award-winning design agency,” says Neil. “The impact was incredible: we knew we offered an unparalleled service, due to our team’s experience  – but now our brand matched the service.”


After nearly 28 years of trading in Walthamstow, the pandemic hit. “We had to evolve very quickly to survive at an unpredictable time,” he says. “In that moment we realised it was the time to open our second branch in Leytonstone covering E11, E10 and E7. We promoted one of team, Matt Hayward, to branch manager. Matt has worked his way through the ranks in our company for the past 15 years.”

To celebrate their big 3-0 and shiny new store, the team asked Leytonstoner to write six area guides for their customers and any visitors to the area to use. It seems a good chance to take stock and think about how our neighbourhood is changing, as well as rounding up all the exciting highlights in each corner.

Click on the link at the end of each summary below to read up our full guides: you never know, even if you’ve lived here for years there might be something new to uncover.

Leyton and Leytonstone Area Guides

1. Central Leytonstone

One of 16 mosaics created in 1999. Photo: SE

Did you know the sixteen intricately detailed mosaics dedicated to legendary local film director Alfred Hitchcock are composed of 80,000 tiny tiles?  In our guide to the most central part of E11, as well as unveiling fascinating local facts like this, we run through the hotspots around Church Lane and the High Road to check out, from Stone Mini Market to Luna Lounge (and many more). Read the full guide here.

2. South Leytonstone

Gray, South Leytonstone. Photo: SE

In this part of Leytonstone you’ll pass the entrance to one of E11’s hidden treasures, Langthorne Park, built on old hospital grounds, a site once home to the Stratford-Langthorne Abbey. But have you popped into nearby independent café-store Gray yet? In this guide we also namecheck the best places to eat, from the Noted Eel & Pie shop to Mora, Mammoth and Singburi. Read the guide here.

3. Grove Green Road

Grove Green
Unity Café. Photo: SE

Discover where the three-part mural by the Wood Street Walls collective dedicated to Leytonstone-born Star Wars make-up artist Stuart Freeborn is (and where you can find vintage fireplaces, grates, mirrors and chandeliers). In this guide we take one of the best bar crawls in the area, too, from Solvay Society and Arch Deli to the Heathcote, Unity and Filly Brook. Read the guide.

4. Leyton Midland

Bamboo Mat
Bamboo Mat. Photo SE

Have you checked out Brooks City Farm? Based in Jack Cornwell Park, this unexpected rural corner has been running for over twenty years and houses sheep, donkeys, ponies, goats, rabbits and hens. And closer to the station is a raft of great spots from Perky Blenders to Bamboo Mat. Read the full guide.

5. Leyton High Road

Coronation Gardens
Coronation Gardens maze. Photo: SE

In Coronation Gardens, don’t miss the maze and statue of Laurie Cunningham, Britain’s first Black footballer to play for England at senior level. And we pull out the gems along this long thoroughfare, from Camille Walala’s mural above Deeney’s to Masala India. Read the full guide here.

6. Francis Road

Phlox and Zaxx. Photo: SE

Have you actually stopped to look at Leyton’s oldest building, Walnut Tree House, a timber-framed building probably dating from the 16th century? It’s just off the northern end of Francis. In our final guide we also run through everything worth a peek on the main section of this excellent street packed with some of the area’s best independent businesses. Read the guide here.

Looking to sell, buy or rent? Find Central Estates at 48 Church Lane E11, or give them a call for a free valuation on 020 8520 0033

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