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Leytonstone Beer Mile

Leytonstone Beer Mile: it’s now here

If you need an excuse to explore the area's indie taprooms, this is it

Now this we heartily approve. A bunch of invested crafty-beer loving locals have decided to string together some of the area’s best independent taprooms and – wahey – this handy map has been born.

“It’s a collab between all the businesses mentioned,” says Arch Deli owner Michaela, “and we’re slowly trying to take this off the ground.”

Solvay Society
So cute: Solvay. Photo: SE

And slowly is fine by us. For the completists amongst you, there’ll soon be a stamp card: you’ll be able to visit each place and once you’ve ticked them all you’ll get a gift “which we haven’t finalised this yet”, she says.

“But we’re sure we can rival Bermondsey or Blackhorse as a beer destination: just in our own quirky Leyton and Leytonstone way.”


Arch Deli
Vibes: Saturday afternoon at Arch Deli. Photo: Stephen Emms

We wholeheartedly agree. Although, to be honest, in recent weeks we haven’t got much further than the bright lights of Arch on a dank weekend afternoon, having pulled up a stool at the new communal table and left an hour or two later a little, well, sozzled.

But what a pleasant afternoon this briskly beery stroll would make: start at Gravity Well, weave up via Grove Green’s Arch Deli, Filly Brook and Solvay over to the excellent trio of Leytonstone High Road hangs (Mammoth, Dam Tasty and Stone), ending with a snifter in Forest Gate’s Pretty Decent (or go on then, the Wanstead Tap).

Always worth a stop: Mammoth E11. Photo: SE

There is one glaring omission, however: Francis Road. Here we would definitely stop for a mighty Deya – Steady Rollin Man is surely the country’s best pint right now – at the ace Yardarm, and, while we’re at it, a cheeky half at Marmelo too, which also has a good rotation of taps.

Add those two beauties and our Leyton/Stone Beer Mile is that bit longer. Happy festive season – and it goes without saying: drink responsibly, of course.

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