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Bread & Oregano E10: a tasty guide to what to eat

We talk you through the menu from Greek brunch highlights to unique evening specials

When Bread & Oregano opened back in 2020, locals were thrilled to see a rather underwhelming corner of E10 transformed into a chic all-day cafe, brunch stop and evening restaurant.

Beyond the eye-catching cobalt blue exterior and big windows, its airy dining room is kitted out with stylish furniture and parquet flooring, as well as open glass-box kitchen. It’s here that every morning the chefs bake plump croissants (almond, plain and chocolate) and other goodies, before the charcoal grill is fired up.

Bread & Oregano
Airy interior: Bread & Oregano. Photo: SE

The idea, says owner Simon Dajci, is that you “step into Greece” when you walk through the door, whether you’re a coffee lover or food enthusiast. “This is a family-run business,” he says. “We want you to immerse yourself in a rich culinary tradition that began thousands of years ago – right in the heart of east London,” he says.

“It’s hopefully an experience that transports you to Greece’s sunny, idyllic coastlines. Our freshly brewed frothy iced Greek Frappé is a must-try, a sensation in Greece since the 1950s.  And of course we have gyros on our minds!”


More of that later. Meanwhile, if you enjoy alfresco, the clever use of the slender outside space, with its cosy booths and olive trees, lends a leafy authenticity to enjoy an strong espresso, breakfast, or even dinner on a warm September evening.

Bread and Oregano
Fresh croissants daily: Bread and Oregano.

While you may think of Bread & Oregano as primarily a daytime spot, it’s easy to forget it does a full dinner service too, and is also fully licensed.

The full menu is a roll-call of Greek favourites handcrafted by the team of experienced chefs. There are classic breakfast and brunch options, including smashed avocado, eggs Florentine and the Full English, as well as the signature B & O, which combines halloumi with eggs, mushroom and sourdough. But you should also try Greek specialities such as Thessaloniki Koulouri (sesame bread rings) with Greek yoghurt, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Bread and Oregano
Wow, look at that yolk: Bread and Oregano.

At lunchtime, there are half a dozen light and healthy salads, including Greek salad and the Santorini, with Dako bread (twice-cooked rusks), feta, capers and olives.

Our go-to is often the mouthwatering chicken souvlaki, the breast tender, and expertly chargrilled with tzatziki, salad and fries. Another classic is the pork gyros, the meat marinated and roasted to elevate and maximize flavour.

Bread & Oregano
Calming space: Bread & Oregano. Photo: SE

New to us on our most recent visit this week was the  Soutzoukaki, moreish grilled beef and pork on a skewer with tzatziki, onion, tomato and fries, and wrapped in soft, chargrilled warm pitta straight from the oven.

And even better, prices are keen: it’s just £7.40 for a Greek pitta wrap, whatever the filling (meat, vegetarian or vegan). Iced tap water with lemon is plentiful, too, if you’re on a budget.

Bread and Oregano
Gyros, hummus. Photo: B&O

One part of the menu you may not have explored is the Greek Specials, perfect for a dinner treat as autumn sets in. For a start there’s the ever-popular house moussaka (pictured below), the classic Greek savoury aubergine and ground beef layered dish with potato, cheese and tomato.

But there are also less well-known dishes such as Papoutsakia (Greek stuffed aubergine with minced beef and creamy bechamel), lamb chops marinated in garlic and rosemary, Imam (a vegetarian aubergine dish stuffed with tomato, caramelized onion and tomato) and Skepasti (marinated, roasted chicken with BBQ sauce and two pitta breads).

Bread and Oregano
Classic moussaka: Bread and Oregano. Photo: B&O

Did you know there are authentic Greek burgers too, including halloumi and vegan falafel options? And don’t forget to graze on the starters and small plates, including the delicious fried feta with honey, sliced Greek sausage and oozy courgette croquettes.

Thirsty? As well as coffee, there’s a full range of soft drinks, good-value wines and cocktails, with house white and red from £22 a bottle (or £5 a glass), and an aperol spritz just £7 (a negroni is a well-priced £8, too). Meanwhile, desserts range from almond cake to baklava and cherry cheesecake, while kids have their own menu.

Oh, and one last thing: if you find yourself further east, visiting friends or family, Bread & Oregano have recently opened a second branch in South Woodford. Yiamas.

Starters from £3.50, gyros wraps from £7.40, burgers from £9.50, specials from £10.50. Find Bread & Oregano at 3 Hainault Buildings, 1, Leyton E10 6RT, discover more about their menu on their website here.

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