Oh no! Le Petit Corner E11 has closed down

Where will we get decent coffee now right at the tip of Leytonstone High Road?

Nestling on the corner of the High Road and the pedestrianised entrance to Browning Road was a little French cafe that we, like so many other locals, have often been known to slink into on a wet morning.

In fact, many a Leytonstoner post was penned, strong black americano in hand, at the second table on the right as you enter (the one next to the window, if you follow).

But no more. “Sorry for the late breaking news..!!” (sic) exclaimed the shop’s Insta account today. “Unfortunately the Petit Corner won’t open again this year. Thanks to all of you for the support.. it’s been amazing to get to know you all.!! Happy New year..!”

And with that, apparently, they were gone. In retrospect the signs were there yesterday, when we spotted it closed, although it seemed like an extended Xmas break; instead we grabbed a counter stool at the always rammo Wild Goose Bakery (incidentally, is anyone else obsessed with those bargain seed, nut and dried fruit refills?). But still, there really needs to be more than one top quality caffeine option on this stretch of high street.


And Le Petit Corner’s always been a casually stylish kinda joint: a spider’s web of bare bulbs dangle from the ceiling, the furniture’s all bohemian shabby-chic realness and, until the other week, awesome prints by local letterpress lad Russell from Hooksmith Press lined the walls.

On the menu? Brunches, toasties and sarnies. Not to mention the croissants, pain au chocolat and brownies, of course. And the daily clientele was that typically east London melange of laptop-wielders and mums with buggies (especially in the downstairs, more family-orientated room.)

Most of all, its location was rather special: on the cusp of lovely Bushwood, the quiet tangle of villagey streets behind often lured us for a post-espresso stroll to ogle at the pretty Victorian cottages we’ll most probably never be able to afford.

Anyway, it’s a new year, a new decade, things change: so we wish them all the best. But let’s hope someone equally fine takes over the reins.

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