East London Food & Culture



Video: Hooksmith Press

Watch this charming tale of a man obsessed with what he calls ‘the significance of the insignificant’


Why I trailed the London Overground with Iain Sinclair

Documentary maker John Rogers on how his new film, which screens next week at Leytonstone Pop-up Cinema, came about


MUST DO: I Will Tell Film Festival

An entire weekend of films, workshops, discussions and events in Leytonstone to encourage black filmmakers and the wider community to come together


Coming soon: Hitchcock’s Home

Fancy an interactive movie experience from the Master of Suspense in St John’s cemetery this summer? ‘Course you do!

Exterior of the Birds pub - a wall of bird paintings

Hitchcock: a short pilgrimage around Leytonstone

Have you ever actually stopped to look at those mosaics in the subway? And was the great director really banged up at the age of five?