Heard about The Cycleway yet?

An enterprising new local business has been set up to come direct to riders in need

Photo: Victor Carvalho
Spotted it about E11 or E11 yet? Photo: Victor Carvalho
Ignore the calendar – there are far more fun ways to tell when summer arrives in London: sales of hummus soar, Arsenal fans celebrate yet another season finishing above Spurs, and our streets become full of wobbly bottoms perched on wobbly bikes.

Cycling in London is more popular than ever, and in rush hour, some key routes into the centre now have twice as many bikes using them than cars. As it becomes part of an urban lifestyle rather than just a weekend hobby, there’s recently been a big growth in businesses to service our desire for health and beauty on two wheels.

With Wanstead Flats and Epping Forest, the Lea river and canals to ride by, Leytonstone is a great place to roadtest a bike. But for Leytonstoners, getting your beloved steel steed for repairs is a pain (try getting a broken bike onto a bus and see the reaction you get).

In fact, neither Leyton nor Leytonstone High Roads can boast a bike shop between them, so it’s good news that a new local business has been set up to come direct to cyclists in need.


The Cycleway is run by Sam Chiedde who, after spending the last year combining a career as a school teacher in Paddington with setting up a mobile workshop at his home in E10, will now be going full time this June to keep Leytonstoners moving.

His well-equipped van means that he can repair and service bikes at your own convenience, on your doorstep. I was able to get a new chain on my bike in twenty minutes outside my house, which was a far better experience than the usual schlep of taking it in to be serviced.

Sam’s business, The Cycleway, doesn’t just deal with commuting pains. He’s also the go-to mechanic for the Lea Valley Cycling Club, and able to refurbish and adapt second-hand bikes to create a bespoke ride, ideal for either getting to work or just admiring against all the other bikes (and their owners) getting their drinks in at Craft Brewery on a summer evening.

But what are Sam’s favourite rides? We asked him, and he obliged, with all the below routes mapped out on the popular cycling app Strava.

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Three routes worth a spin

Photo: Victor Carvalho
At Leyton & Leytonstone this summer (see dates below). Photo: Victor Carvalho

1. Training Loop – Epping Forest and Toot Hill
You can use this route for a short training session or for a leisure ride. Check out the King’s Oak if you want something to eat and drink. Epping Forest is a great place for MTB riders as well; there is a car park near the centre and you’ll meet lots of other riders.

2. Leytonstone to The Temple (Wanstead)
Easy and enjoyable ride for the family. Visit The Temple at Wanstead Park, have a picnic and an ice cream from the kiosk overlooking Heronry Pond. You can also see the amazing Bluebells Trail in the Spring.

3. Leytonstone to Greenwich
Ride in the morning stop for a coffee at The House Mill and have lunch in one of the many options Greenwich has to offer. You can take the same route back to Leytonstone or the DLR to Stratford.

Follow on social media @thecycleway. Catch Sam on 19th June Mid-Summer festival at Leyton Jubilee Park, 3rd July Leyton Get Together at Leyton Cricket Ground, 4th September at Leytonstone Get Together at Church Lane

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  • Stephanie

    Sounds great, but Leyton does have at least one cycle shop doesn’t it? http://www.bikeshackleyton.com/

  • Rob

    There’s a bike shop just around the corner from The Leyton Technical – http://www.bikeshackleyton.com
    So there is one in the area.

  • E

    I’ve not shopped there, but there is a bike shop called the Bike Shack just off Leyton High Road (on Ruckholt Road) – it seems disingenuous to only mention the high streets, when there’s a shop a couple of minutes walk from one.