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Two Happiness performers on stage - woman crouching in the foreground

Why you should catch this Leytonstone playwright at From The Forest Festival

Lily Lowe Myers on how her play made the grade for the borough’s first ever theatre festie


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A new hardback book by Michael Coveney and Peter Dazeley goes right inside some of the capital’s most iconic spaces

Must Do

MUST DO: Wanstead Fringe Festival

Open-air Kinema, live music, workshops, art, food and much much more over the next 7 days in E11


How I started Sunday drag nights at the Northcote

New owner Tuesday Roberts tells us the story behind popular weekly bash, Drag Out The Weekend


Heard about the Woodhouse Players?

The local drama group regularly get sell-out crowds at their intelligent productions. And the last three nights of their current double bill take place this week